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Prove you’re the expert with video

Educational videos

If you’re running a successful business then you obviously have a set of skills and an acute knowledge of your industry. Video has an amazing ability to demonstrate genuine personal expertise, establishing you or your brand ambassador as verifiable experts and raising the status of your company as trustworthy leaders ... Read More »

Defining the Promotional Video

Promotional videos for video marketing

Now, we’re starting with the promotional video because quite honestly, it’s the most amorphous type of video you can create. As the name implies, this type of video promotes…something, anything! It could be a business, a product, an event or even just aiming to raise a brands profile. Confusion is ... Read More »

The Miracle Machine | Water to Wine

The Miracle Machine

  The Miracle Machine, an innovative device that turns water in to wine in just three days has been revealed to be nothing more than an elaborate publicity stunt. Perhaps due to the continuous innovation being facilitated by crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter, The Miracle Machine proves we’re becoming complacent in ... Read More »