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Retina Burn launches Production & Marketing Course

Ryan Stone Video for Business Course

Video for Business Retina Burn founder, Ryan Stone, has launched Video for Business, an online course designed to teach students the fundamentals of video production and video marketing. The course which includes 94 lectures and over 7 hours of experiential, interactive and visual content aims to help students new to the ... Read More »

Shelby.tv | Democratising the future of video

Reece Pacheco

Shelby.tv is a video platform that aims to recreate the lean-back experience of TV, collating content from your favourite brands, online channels or websites. It also allows regular users to create their own channels, or “Rolls” that can be populated with video content relevant to your industry, interests or online ... Read More »

The creative demonstration video

Blendtec Viral Demonstration Videos

According to H.G Wells, advertising is akin to ”legalized lying”. The need to sell has, historically, been intertwined with a long history of deception in order to meet those objectives. However, it seems to me that the truly great advertising of today, especially in the world of online video, tell us something altogether worse ... Read More »

Kickass music for YouTube videos

Music for YouTube videos

Securing music for YouTube videos is a tricky issue, the importance of which is often overlooked. If you want to be professional YouTube video creator then your video needs more than just great visual content. You must connect with the audience and offer a fuller experience to your viewers. One ... Read More »

Reddit launches original series

Social bookmarking giant Reddit has launched their first original series on YouTube, based upon one of their popular threads, Explain like I’m Five. The thread is designed to boil down complex subjects so they’re understood by the layman. Based on this premise, and taking the title literally Reddit has created ... Read More »