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Cowell & YouTube launch ‘The You Generation’

The You Generation Simon Cowell YouTube Show

Simon Cowell, the man who single-handedly popularised the tv talent gameshow, has continually expanded his platform since his show Pop Idol first launched on UK TV. With a slate of shows based on the successful format, Cowell has continually expanded his platform, portfolio and audience overseas and it seems only ... Read More »

Small cameras, big picture.

The Veho Muvi Camcorder   Video production is an expensive endeavour, and while the market has become increasingly accessible, you’ll still be looking at a few hundred pounds for an entry level device. However, while equipment has become more consumer friendly, the online platform on which productions are viewed upon ... Read More »

Mobile production – BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry z10 review

In this post, we’ll be looking at producing video content without the usual investment in expensive video equipment. More specifically, we’ll be reviewing the production capabilities of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Take a look at the video above for a visual demonstration of the Z10’s production ability – raw, ... Read More »

Focus on YouTube | ScottDW

Channel ScottDW Fruit Ninja in Real Life

YouTuber Scott Winn launched his channel ScottDW 6 months ago, his debut video Kitten Air has since racked up over 3m views and established ScottDW as a new and exciting YouTube creator. One of his latest videos, Fruit Ninja in Real Life to Dubstep, has thus far proved the most popular with ... Read More »

The Launch of YouTube One Channel

iJustine YouTube One Channel Design

A few weeks ago, YouTube announced that things were a-changing with the traditional YouTube channel designs. As with every new design it was tested in beta by a number of high-profile YouTube stars and successful channels, and thanks to the excitable YouTube starlet iJustine, we managed to get a sneak ... Read More »