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Switching brand ambassadors? Simples.

Compare The Market advert

Compare the Market, the company that became synonymous with Meerkats and successful viral marketing have taken a bold step in their latest advertising campaign by introducing Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom as their new brand ambassador, a character who is distinctly… not a Meerkat. Instead, Throom is the velvety CEO of Compare The ... Read More »

Kickstarting VGHS Season 2

After months of speculation, it seems Video Game High School….too long, VGHS Season 2 may become a reality. Having rewritten the rulebook for independently-produced online entertainment, and a successful first season, the standout web mini-series from Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch is seeking funding to get production rolling on the follow-up season. Once ... Read More »

How to make a video viral?

dollar shave club viral video

How to make a video viral is a short introduction to the world of viral marketing, and offers some insights from successful viral creators on how to achieve that elusive viral status. Making your video go viral is the holy grail for many online marketers and YouTube star wannabes, but it’s no easy feat ... Read More »

Link to your website from YouTube videos

link to your website from youtube videos - associated website annotations

The ability to link to your website from YouTube videos has been a long-overdue feature of the YouTube video marketing landscape, but no longer! People, I have good news, and I have bad news. As you might expect from the title of the post, YouTube have finally integrated one of the most ... Read More »