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I'm Ryan, founder & creative director of Lambda Films, a video production & marketing company in the UK. I'm also the editor of video marketing blog, Retina Burn. You can read about my other digital projects on my personal blog.

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

LEGO Shell Greenpeace viral video

Greenpeace have subverted the innocent, playful nature of everyone’s favourite building blocks to raise awareness of the commercial relationship that resides between LEGO and Shell. Since 2012, 16m Shell-branded Lego sets have been sold or given away at petrol stations in 33 countries, making Shell a major contributor to Lego’s global sales ... Read More »

Métamorphose | Hermès

Hermes Metamorphose

The Hermés Paris collection undergoes a creative transformation each year, inspired and revolving around a specific theme. This year, the theme is Métamorphose and to bring the collection to life, Hermés commissioned Julien Vallée to direct a seamlessly looping experience that sees items of clothing transformed and revealed by a series of ... Read More »

Living with Lag | Ume.net

Living with Lag - Oculus Rift

  Internet lag can be one of the most irritating facets of the digital world, but what happens when Swedish broadband provider Ume.net introduced online lag to our everyday lives? In Living with Lag, their part-social experiment, part-awesome viral, four volunteers donned the revolutionary Oculus Rift headset combined with a ... Read More »

Kindle Paperwhite | Amazon China

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Check out this beautiful and playful set of ads created for the Kindle Paperwhite in China. Directed by Lucas Zanotto and produced by Troublemakers.tv for DDB China, the ad is a clever mixture of simple line animation and paper-craft props to demonstrate the features of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. For a device that ... Read More »