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Batman | Dark Knightfall

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks have created Batman, Dark Knightfall a simply awe-inspiring stop-motion Batman fan film, heavily based on the Dark Knight franchise made popular by Christopher Nolan’s recent movies. Kwok & Wong state that this is their first stop-motion animation, but have employed such creative and advanced techniques such as lighting, motion-blur and pull-focus that one simply has to disbelieve them, or bow down before their awesomeness.

Featuring The Dark Knight, two iterations of The Joker (Ledger & Nicholson) and Bane, this action-packed video uses amazingly life-like toy figures from Hot Toys. It’s uncertain whether this was commissioned as a piece of branded marketing, or whether it was a mutually beneficial creative project but whatever the purpose, both sides will benefit from the exposure this will bring.

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