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Unlock the 007 in you | Coke Zero

unlock the 007 in you coke zero

In anticipation of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, Coke Zero have conceived this awesome public stunt that ties in beautifully with the film, while adding enough humour and action to create a compelling video that is sure to rocket up the viral charts. Unlock the 007 in you puts ... Read More »

Bodyform Responds : The Truth

bodyform responds

Every now and then a brand takes a punt on striking out in the social sphere and while many find themselves badly burnt, occasionally a brand gets it just right. Bodyform is the latest celebrity in the social media marketplace with their perfectly crafted video response to a Facebook user ... Read More »

Ragú – Behind the Finger

Ragú, the spaghetti sauce producer has launched a bizarre new advert featuring Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, the eponymous stars of the viral sensation, Charlie Bit My Finger. I’ve seen many ludicrous branded tie-ins with popular YouTube stars before, but this production from Ragú is either genius or just desperate. Perhaps it’s the collision ... Read More »