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Mercedes-Benz | Chicken

Mercedes-Benz Chicken

As a devout Chicken-lover (no, not that kind) the new Mercedes Benz commercial for its Intelligent Drive system has already become a firm favourite of mine. The spot, simply titled Chicken is beautifully basic, charming and strangely enthralling. Handheld chickens perform a strange dance to Diana Ross’s ‘Upside Down’, demonstrating their innate ... Read More »

All eyes on the S4

All Eyes on the S4

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Coke Zero 007 stunt, Swisscom have produced their own prankvertising campaign that challenges the public to stare at the new Galaxy S4 for a whole minute. An easy task one might suppose, but not when Swisscom throw in a few distractions…a couple arguing, a ... Read More »

A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom is the world’s smallest film, making the previous record holder from Nokia seem giant in comparison. The short film from tech giants IBM combine science, technology and the latest filmmaking techniques to create the world’s smallest movie by using the smallest particles of any element ... Read More »

Samsung “King of TV City”

King of Tv City Samsung

Dinosaurs, Alien Invaders and a sentient teddybear on a tricycle all come together for the new Samsung SMART TV advert, King of TV City. While the production values are astounding, the premise is beginning to wear a little thin as streaming platforms, 3D channels and Blu-ray players are clambering over themselves ... Read More »

Celebrating Twitter

Celebrating Twitter

Despite the ubiquitous nature of these massive social platforms, it’s still easy to forget the role they’ve played in global events or the way they’ve shaped our digital landscape. However, 7 years on Twitter is here to remind us of all they’ve achieved in a simple video animation, Celebrating Twitter. ... Read More »