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Warde “Home is a quest”

Warde Home is a quest

FNQ2FS62NH4D Home is a quest is a beautiful animated spot for Eastern fabric retailer Warde, produced by Onesize, their first foray in to character animation. The piece explores a beautiful world of colourful and rich fabrics, and a myriad of birds and beasts likewise made from soft fabrics and cloth. The ... Read More »

Three “The Pony”

Three The Pony DancePonyDance viral video

Telecoms provider Three have scored a direct hit in the viral arena with The Pony, featuring Socks, a loveable Shetland Pony who moonwalks to the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere.  Created by MPC, Wieden+Kennedy and Dougal Wilson and centered around the strap line, Silly Stuff. It Matters, The Pony was orchestrated for viral fame. With ... Read More »

Dove “Thought before action”

Thought Before Action from Dove

Dove have long been fighting the good fight when it comes to realistic representations of female beauty, having made headlines 12 years ago when they first launched their Real Beauty campaign. For years Dove have reflected the absurdity and falsity of the beauty industry through their innovative campaign, but until ... Read More »

Oreo “Cookie or Creme?”

Oreo Cookie or Creme branded video

Oreo, the world’s most awesome biscuit (personal opinion ok!) are running a campaign that seeks to prompt fan engagement by posing a conundrum, Cookie or Creme? According to Oreo, the human population is riven when it comes to sweet, snack-based delectables, possessed by a preference for either the cookie or the creme. ... Read More »

G-STAR The Art of RAW

G-Star Raw Macro Promotional Video and Skeleton Dog

G-STAR RAW have unleashed The Art of RAW, their first ever global video campaign for the brand. Eschewing their usual photographic, model-based print campaigns, G-STAR teamed up with Glassworks Amsterdam to produce this amazing fully CGI, macro-level journey through the denim production process. G-Star’s creative team created the concept for the ... Read More »