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Huge Bear Surprises Crew | Samsung EcoBubble

Samsung Bear

This branded video from Samsung has completely made my day! I think of myself as pretty savvy when analysing video marketing efforts from brands, but I was honestly not prepared for the twist in this brilliantly executed production from Samsung. If you haven’t watched the video yet, then I implore ... Read More »

Tempo | Red Giant

Red Giant Tempo

Red Giant, the developer of awesome VFX plug-ins such as Magic Bullet and the Trapcode suite have ably demonstrated the immense power of their effects tools through professionally produced short films. First, there was the astoundingly good, Plot Device that was released last year, followed up by the lighter Order Up and now, ... Read More »

Just Dance 4 | Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling & Just Dance 4

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Retina Burn posted an article on how large companies can aid their viral endeavours by sponsoring a popular, and established YouTube creator. The poster-boy for the article Go viral using Social Video, was Ubisoft who supercharged their marketing efforts for Assassin’s Creed ... Read More »

What’s your idea? | FXhome HitFilm

FXhome HitFilm What's Your Idea?

The launch of this new trailer, What’s Your Idea? is a big deal for the team at Retina Burn, and should also be a big deal for online video culture as a whole. It announces the arrival of HitFilm 2, the specialist video editing and special effects software from FXhome. HitFilm has ... Read More »

Musical Corner Shop | Red Stripe

Red Stripe Musical Shop Online Video

At Retina Burn, we simply love a clever, uplifting public stunt video. It’s one of those rare occasions where viewers can witness genuine happiness and joy as a result of a company’s marketing efforts. There’s perhaps no better brand for this type of video than Coca Cola and their global ... Read More »