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Peter Parkour | Sony Entertainment

peter parkour online video

Peter Parkour is an awesome free-running showreel produced by Sony Entertainment to ramp up interest in the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Mark Webb’s 2012 The Amazing Spiderman. Reflecting the sensational parkour skills of Spiderman himself, the online video was produced in association with Parkour Generations, athlete Axel Dupre and  GoPRO. Styled in the ... Read More »

Socialnomics | Social Media Video 2013

Socialnomics 2013

Socialnomics, the most overused video in marketing presentations is back with its annual facelift and update for the year 2013. Now with its 4th iteration, the fact-heavy animation continues to impress and excite internet users. However, what I find most impressive is that the original animation (and by extension, the subsequent videos) are ... Read More »

Dumb Ways to Die – Metro Trains

dumb ways to die

Bucking the trend of dull or horrific transport safety ads, Metro Trains’ Dumb Ways to Die coats its grave warning in a gooey and catchy melody, adorned with cute cartoon characters and beautifully simplistic animation. This unlikely combination, combined with its gruesome subject matter has caused the Melbourne-produced video to go viral, attracting almost 8 million ... Read More »

Fenton 4GEE Remaster

Fenton 4GEE Remaster

EE are the latest company to harness their brand to a popular meme, an often risky endeavour, but with Fenton 4GEE Remaster, it seems EE have scored a hit. Fenton 4GEE Remaster professionally reenacts the humorous escapade that saw the disobedient Fenton chasing a herd of deer in London’s Richmond Park. However, ... Read More »

Overly Attached Computer – Samsung

overly attached computer

Overly Attached Computer is a fun, yet creepy commercial production from Samsung, who have tapped into memetic culture  and paired up with Laina Morris AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend to sell you their new Samsung SSD 840 solid state drive. On paper, it’s hard to see how such a pairing could ... Read More »