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Brent Butane | Bell Insurance

As companies attempt to create that elusive viral hit, many of them are inspired by previously successful formats, moulding certain traits and characteristics to their own brand. One viral that really stood out in the last couple of years was Dollar Shave Club, a simple premise but tightly executed. Since then, many videos have attempted the same sort of style; the overly honest script, the continuous momentum of the presenter and the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it background easter eggs. To my mind many of tried, but almost all have failed.

Brent Butane from Bell Insurance however is one that I can respectfully acknowledge as a homage done right – I hope they don’t pretend this wasn’t inspired by Dollar Shave Club. Instead they should be proud that Brent Butane is a video that retains the popular concept, is equally well executed but fresh enough to stand alone. Despite these accolades, it can be argued that it still isn’t dazzlingly original as to warrant the same success as Dollar Shave Club. It’s appeal is limited due to taking a second position when it comes to the core creative concept, so while it is funny, and it is expertly produced Brent Butane will never have the awe factor a viral gets for breaking the creative mould. However, with over 50,000 views in just over ten days, Bell Insurance deserve to be recognised as contributing the the creative online video world and I hope that many more views come their way.

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