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Chevy Sonic | Skydive

This beautiful and mesmerising online video from Chevy is a complete work of art in the world of automotive advertising.

However, it’s hard to label this video as a branded commercial when there’s no brand identity, no pricing details, no VFX or calls to action. Instead, it is a prime example of social video marketing, relying on sharing and engagement to inevitably spread word of the new product.

Commercial agenda aside though, it is a remarkable concept. Filmed in one long shot, the video is breathtaking in its simplicity and beauty, a delicate ballet between machine and gravity. Furthermore, it relies on a single clever technique to keep viewers engaged for the entire 3 minute duration – an unbelievable length for a video of this nature and execution. The video must have a conclusion; either the devastating impact as the car hits the desert floor or the unfurling of a huge parachute. Either of these outcomes would be spectacular, however, we are not granted that spectacle. Whilst some may be disappointed with that outcome you cannot argue that for the majority, the image of a slowly pirouetting vehicle in free fall is the more awesome image to retain in your mind.

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