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Cowell & YouTube launch ‘The You Generation’

Simon Cowell, the man who single-handedly popularised the tv talent gameshow, has continually expanded his platform since his show Pop Idol first launched on UK TV. With a slate of shows based on the successful format, Cowell has continually expanded his platform, portfolio and audience overseas and it seems only fitting that he has now turned to YouTube in order to reach a truly global audience and pool of talent.

The You Generation is Cowell’s latest ‘show’ that by merit of its broadcast platform is finally having to evolve. The format is both entirely crass, politicising the relatively ‘open’ YouTube platform but at the same time, entirely fascinating; a true collision of TV and user-generated content.


simon cowell the you generation


Entrants are judged by Syco Entertainment, Cowell’s own ravenous entertainment company, and “Industry experts”, but one must not forget the friendly and encouraging YouTube commentators waiting in the wings with, no doubt, some insightful advice…

How The You Generation unfolds will be interesting to observe, as two well-established and diametrically opposed formats collide. Check out the You Generation YouTube channel, and let us know your thoughts on what this means for online video entertainment.

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