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Create a viral video with Tube Rank

Creating a viral video is an aspirational endeavour for many video marketers, and while there is no exact science behind it, there are of course ways to expedite the creative process. For some hints and tips from the veterans of viral video production you can check out our earlier article How to make a video viral, but for now we are here to introduce Tube Rank, an interesting application from video seeding company, Viral Ad Network.



Viral Video Inspiration

Tube Rank’s algorithm is based on conversation triggers such as LOL, Epic, WTF, educational or referential and then cross-referenced with the desired target community. The result however is a selection of established and successful viral videos, and the ability to delve deep in to their analytics. Thankfully, Tube Rank has been marketed correctly, and is designed for ‘Inspiration’ rather than promising any sort of ‘viral solution’. The science behind it is sound, allowing you to see what has worked successfully before and to gain a better understanding of why.


Tube Rank Viral Video Inspiration from Viral Ad Network


Tube Rank has to be used sensibly however, because if you try to penetrate a certain community with an obvious rip-off of an already successful viral formula then the fallout may be negative and incredibly damaging. Ultimately, it works well as a way to gain an insight in to what works in a particular community, so using it construct some loose guidelines in viral video production is perhaps the way to go. Mixed with a bit of initiative and creativity, it may be a useful tool in forming the basis for a future viral video.


Tube Rank Viral Video analytics and Insight from Viral Ad Network

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