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A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom is the world’s smallest film, making the previous record holder from Nokia seem giant in comparison. The short film from tech giants IBM combine science, technology and the latest filmmaking techniques to create the world’s smallest movie by using the smallest particles of any element ... Read More »

“Bless You” Animation

Bless You Animation

Bless You is a crazy-fun little animation from Philip Watts, a cartoonist and animator who has combined his passions to produce his own short films. Bless You is his short animation about an celestial architect who tires of his creation and decides to wreak a little havoc with the aid of ... Read More »

Biting Elbows “Bad Mother******”

Biting Elbows Bad Motherfucker

A minute or so in, I had largely written off theBad Mother******video as a pretty standard FPS-style video, the likes of which are commonplace on YouTube. However, as it progressed, the subtleties of the new, Tarantino-esque music video from Biting Elbows became apparent. The sheer skill and effort in pulling ... Read More »

Walk off the Earth “Red Hands”

Walk off the Earth Red Hands

The Indie-Folk band, Walk Off the Earth are giving viral maestros OK GO a run for their money when it comes to creating viral music videos. Establishing themselves in the online video world with their hugely successful cover of Gotye’s Somebody I used to know, the song was performed jointly by all 5 band ... Read More »

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon

The insanely vibrant and entirely bizarre trailer for Doomed was one of our favourite videos to have been uploaded to the blog last year. Even as a standalone product, the Doomed trailer was just fantastically enjoyable and thankfully hinted at a longer production to come. Many months later and our wildest, ... Read More »