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Mike Diva | BFD Music Video

Mike Diva BFD

YouTuber Mike Diva has lent his impressive mind-melting editing talents to many of the big-time YouTube stars, but on his own channel you can be sure of consistent epilepsy-inducing VFX experiences. While Diva’s content pendulums between shorts, sketches and music videos it is the latter that really exemplifies his indefatigable skills in post-production. BFD, a hardcore ... Read More »

The Sphere

The Sphere short film by Nicholas Militello

The Sphere, directed by Nicholas Militello is a massive achievement in the world of short-film production. Taking over two years to complete, shot on Canon DSLR kit and working with a budget of 13k, The Sphere is the result of massive collaboration with various artists around the world, adhering to the concise vision of ... Read More »


Skating videos are ten a penny in the world of online video; tricks, stunts, fails and GoPro perspectives have all been done to death, so it’s always refreshing when an artist expands upon the idea and turns the extreme sport in to a work of art. FIREFLY could well be ... Read More »

Landings at San Diego Int Airport

Landings at San Diego Int Airport

It’s not often we have the pleasure of featuring a purely experimental video, unattached to an agenda be it commercial or artistic, but Landings at San Diego Int Airport is so visually impressive and curiously different that we just had to. This short video was created by Cy Kuckenbaker, who was inspired by ... Read More »

Far Cry 3 in Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life

Far Cry 3 In Real Life sees YouTuber Devin Graham aka DevinSuperTramp collaborating with Games Studio Ubisoft for for the second time in as many months to produce an awesome homage to Ubisoft‘s upcoming title, Far Cry 3. Following Devin’s double-whammy of popular Assassin’s Creed parkour shorts,  Far Cry 3 In Real Life once ... Read More »