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Defining the Promotional Video

Now, we’re starting with the promotional video because quite honestly, it’s the most amorphous type of video you can create. As the name implies, this type of video promotes…something, anything! It could be a business, a product, an event or even just aiming to raise a brands profile. Confusion is also compounded by the fact that people use the terms promotional video and corporate video interchangeably.


A promotional video really can take any form, however the way I see it, is that the objective is to create a return. To do this, it must be universal enough to appeal to as many people as possible, light enough to keep them engaged and then encourage some sort of response from the viewer at the end. You could argue that promotional videos have a lot in common with the regular televisual advert, however, online you’re not restricted to the 30 second slot so your videos can also be supplemented by talking heads or positive testimonials.


Furthermore, online, attention spans are short and indulgence in branded advertising is rare. Therefore, many promotional videos take a soft-sell approach using an abstract concept and delivered in a light-hearted or humorous way. This approach has been coined as ‘Advertainment’, obviously a hybridisation of advertising and entertainment. Notable videos include The man your man could smell like promo from Old Spice, the Evian Roller Babies, Ken Block’s Gymkhana for DC Shoes, or any of the GoPro aspirational shorts.


So, a promotional video for your business will be a light-hearted, soft-sell approach. To really stand out however, you’ll need to devise a clever concept, and possibly splash out on actors, locations or props. 


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