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Eytan & The Embassy | Everything Changes

One of the things I most love about online video is how it can propel a person, brand or group from complete obscurity to centre stage, if only for a day.

However for some, a day can be enough, and so this is a tactic that is working well for small, and relatively unknown bands who labour to create a truly unique music video, and then reap the awards of its viral success. We’ve seen it work for Kina Grannis, the music video that took 2 years to complete was shared and talked about for months afterwards, and look no further than OK GO.

This latest video, Everything Changes, is from Brooklyn-based band Eytan and The Embassy and is is made up of three viral components. Firstly, it borrows from the school of OK GO by composing the entire the video in one long unedited take. Secondly, it has a fairly clever concept, the real-time changing of costumes and reference to known celebrities and thirdly, these two elements combine to create a world first, the world record for the most costume changes in a single take.

In total, there are 18 costume changes that reference music icons from Bruce Springsteen, Bowie & Cobain to Lady GaGa & DeadMau5. I can’t help feel the idea was slightly influenced by the advert from Garnier Fructis but at least the execution is different. It too a day to rehearse the video, and thirty take to nail it and if you’d like to see behind the scenes, then watch it here.

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