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Fenton 4GEE Remaster

EE are the latest company to harness their brand to a popular meme, an often risky endeavour, but with Fenton 4GEE Remaster, it seems EE have scored a hit.

Fenton 4GEE Remaster professionally reenacts the humorous escapade that saw the disobedient Fenton chasing a herd of deer in London’s Richmond Park. However, EE have introduced a twist by paying homage to the array of creative parodies that followed the original Fenton viral. In Fenton 4GEE Remaster, the herd of deer are joined by a variety of creatures, great, small, fictional and extinct!

It’s a great example of repackaging a meme for commercial purposes and by ramping up the insanity of the situation and paying homage to the creativity of others it’s unlikely to fall foul of many critics.


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