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Monster Roll

Monster Roll by Dan Blank is a supremely awesome concept-trailer for a short film that pits a band of Sushi chefs against sea monsters. It’s one of those annoyingly brilliant ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ concepts, although as a big monster-movie fan…maybe that’s just me. With the hope of launching a Kickstarter ... Read More »

Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

iron man 3 official trailer

Well, there’s building hype and then there’s releasing a trailer for a trailer… However, It’s lucky I’m super-biased in this instance and totally blinded to this rather pointless exercise. I’m happy to admit it, I was psyched. Anyway, as promised by those good folks at Marvel, the Iron Man 3 official ... Read More »

Looper Animated Trailer

Apologies for the ever spiralling delay in posts here on Retina Burn, the blog is currently undergoing a full redesign and I’m in the finicky place where I’m gearing up for the relaunch and spending more time on the new material than current updates. Foolish indeed. Anyway, here is some new eye ... Read More »

Star Wars Detours

Just when you thought the bloated Star Wars universe couldn’t get any weirder, or wackier…(is that still a word?), a collaborative project between Seth Green, the Robot Chicken Team & George Lucas has birthed Star Wars Detours, a new, animated comedy show. The new show is essentially the daily lives of ... Read More »

RoboCop “Omnicorp Product Line”

Futuristic commercials for fictional companies is apparently where it’s at this year for blockbuster viral campaigns. Prometheus set the bar high with their awesome Weyland Corporation TED Talk and the David 8 commercial, and now the marketing team behind the Robocop reboot have followed suit, creating a video realisation of Omnicorp, ... Read More »