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Mirror Mirror Opening Sequence

Mirror Mirror Ben Hibon

Nothing in the world will persuade me to watch Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror anytime soon, and having just seen Snow White & The Huntsman yesterday, I’m even more determined to pretend it doesn’t exist (If you want to convince me, there’s a comment section below). That said, I stumbled across this ... Read More »

The Avengers Closing Sequence

The Avengers Closing Sequence

Stunning title sequences (or credit sequences in this case) are becoming increasingly uncommon, yet it affords the filmmaker a chance to condense the entire soul of the film in to one burst of pure artistry. David Fincher is a director who thankfully continues to embrace the tradition of title sequences as it allows him ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time TV Review

Continuing in n the tradition of the big-budget US drama series, Once Upon a Time is a modern reworking of classic fairy tale narratives to create a compelling story that plays with the boundaries between our real world and the fantastical realm of the fairy tale. At the heart of Once ... Read More »

Prometheus – Official Trailer

Prometheus Movie Review

Prometheus, the prime candidate for my film of 2012 just got a new, freakishly awesome trailer that plays hard and heavy with the nerves. In the video we get more action from the cast of Fassbender, Theron and Rapace as well as some seriously stunning special effects and and a ... Read More »

Frankenweenie Trailer Released

Frankenweenie Movie Trailer

Tim Burton, one of the most visionary directors working today is back on the big screen with his new film, Frankenweenie. Crafted in the much-loved, and entirely Burton-esque stop-motion style of The Night Before Christmas & The Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie is set to take its place in Burton’s young horror canon. Frankenweenie is essentially ... Read More »