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A tribute to ‘Drive’

Animated tribute to Drive

If you’ve read my review of Drive, then you’ll know it’s a film that certainly impressed me, and hopefully my words went a little way to expressing my admiration and gratitude to those involved with the production. Animators, Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku went even further than I to pay ... Read More »

The Snow White showdown

snow white & the huntsman mirror mirror

No, I will not use the term ‘Snowdown’. It sounds like something that would come from Tarsem Singh’s repulsive Mirror Mirror. In fact, maybe it is in the full length movie but they thought, “hey, let’s only have 15 god-awful lines in the trailer, let’s keep it tasteful” Anyway, sorry. ... Read More »

The Dark Side of The Dark Side

Darth Vader: The Corporate Lapdog This article and the accompanying video, ‘Darth Vader: The Corporate Lapdog’ is in response to an advert launched just last week by UK-based electronics retailer Currys/PC World. The parent company, DSG, has an ongoing licensing agreement to use characters from George Lucas’ epic sci-fi series, ... Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises | Footage from the set

The Dark Knight Rises

  Following the previous ‘leaks’ from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, one would have thought Warner Brothers would have tightened the net. However, now we’re treated to full HD video, direct from the Wall Street location that is being used in the upcoming movie. The footage gives us ... Read More »