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Fruit Ninja In Real Life to Dubstep

Fruit Ninja in Real Life is an innovative take on the video game adaption fare that is sweeping YouTube producer content. While we’ve seen a proliferation of major video games adapted to ‘real life’ on YouTube (see Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Halo) it takes a lot more ingenuity and creativity to bring a simple iOS game to life on the screen. Fruit Ninja in Real Life however makes the transition beautifully under the talents of YouTuber scottdw and his musical compadre, Brendo. Together, the pair have imbued a simple idea with character, narrative and enough humour and attention to detail to craft an engaging and very enjoyable sketch. Composing an original dubstep soundtrack (dubstep sells more than sex!) as the pair have done with their previous videos such as Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion and their Slip n’ Slide montage results in a supremely original production that is going a long way to forging a unique style for these up and coming YouTube producers.

Hailing from Utah, Scott & Brendon are reaping the benefits from the support of their fellow YouTubers who are collectively pushing Utah as a hotbed for innovation and viral production, as written about in The UTube Revolution. Fruit Ninja in Real Life has succeeded spectacularly, reaping over 10 million views in just over 5 days. We look forward to seeing further productions from this exciting new channel.

For more information on Fruit Ninja in Real Life, check out the Behind the Scenes video, and don’t forget to share!

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