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G-STAR The Art of RAW

G-STAR RAW have unleashed The Art of RAW, their first ever global video campaign for the brand. Eschewing their usual photographic, model-based print campaigns, G-STAR teamed up with Glassworks Amsterdam to produce this amazing fully CGI, macro-level journey through the denim production process.

G-Star’s creative team created the concept for the video and collaborated with our in-house CGI director Rudiger Kaltenhauser, who created the magical and moody world for the film, provided that it remained faithful to the core processes involved in creating their world-famous RAW denim.

We were completely sold when we knew the challenge was to create a film with a photo-real running skeleton dog.

Dubstep maestro Skrillex provides the ethereal soundtrack for the balletic performance of the cotton strands before the productions tops off with the infamous skeleton dog, who is the core of this particular global campaign.


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