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Goodnight, Sweet PakMan

Retro gaming meets Tarantino in Goodnight, Sweet PakMan, a violent and beautifully realised animation by Chris Weller. Weller, a professional animator revealed his inspiration for the piece;

For the last 2 years I have been putting this together in what little spare time I have between paid jobs and it is finally ready to share. In conceptualizing this piece, I was inspired by the “Gallery 1988” art exhibits that pop up frequently, which feature nostalgic and familiar 80’s cartoon and video game characters re-contextualized in various thoughtful and artistic ways.

The production attempts to reflect the simple essence of the original game, that ultimately revolves around three basic objectives, “Eating, procreating, and trying not to die. In Pac-Man, as in life, nobody “wins,” you just play until the ghosts are faster than you.” 

Weller claims that this production is the culmination of 8 years industry experience with some original ideas thrown in for good measure. It’s a fun take on the retro classic, and one can only hope we see more creative endeavours like this from the guy.

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