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Google Glass “How it Feels (through Glass)”

Google Glass blew our mind with Project Glass, a teaser video for their highly-anticipated new technology. Now, with a vague release date set and demo models being seen in the wild, Google have followed up with a diverse, experiential video entitled How it Feels (through Glass). The video runs us through a number of features and functions of Google Glass from taking photos and videos, to live GPS tracking and internet search, all the while looking slightly Trekky.

While we’ve seen an abundance of amazing POV footage from the likes of GoPro, it’s still hard not to be impressed with the quality of the video and  but most importantly the seamless integration with with other functions or platforms such as Google Hangouts and Twitter, effectively creating GoPro Live!

Even though everything has been moving towards this form of discreet but powerful tech it still feels, at least to me, like the future has arrived. Let us know how you feel about the imminent arrival of Google Glass in the comments below.


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