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Google | Project Glass

When one thinks of the pioneering digital companies of today, Google is almost certainly top of everyone’s list. With a nurturing and creative culture, Google is a hotbed of invention, experimentation and brilliance and has birthed many successful technologies in the past, and will continue to do so long in to the future.

Project Glass is one of these such projects that serves as a reminder that when Google invest their time and expertise in something like this, they exceed expectations and push boundaries. If only they would focus their attention on technologies such Project Glass, rather than attempting to unify everyone’s web experience or push Google+ upon a resistant population, we’d all be a lot happier.

The video above gives a polished, and exciting glimpse in to the future of Google’s plans, and the potential they hope to unlock. In the same vein as the Day of Glass videos, this online video maps out a number of practical uses for the new technology that exemplifies their aims and excites the viewer. Before signing off, it’s worth having a gander at this short parody from Tom Scott, who reminds us that technology, however slick the marketing is, never works as seamlessly as we wish. Enjoy.


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