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Prove you’re the expert with video

If you’re running a successful business then you obviously have a set of skills and an acute knowledge of your industry. Video has an amazing ability to demonstrate genuine personal expertise, establishing you or your brand ambassador as verifiable experts and raising the status of your company as trustworthy leaders in your field.

While it may sound counter-productive to disseminate your knowledge freely and gladly, the benefits to your reputation can be huge. Establishing your name, or the name of your company firmly in the minds of people when they consider your industry or profession is simply priceless.

You can start building this expert platform with short, concise lectures – no more than a minute or two that answers some of the most pertinent and frequently asked questions. You can respond to current affairs that are related to your industry and offer your opinion and solutions, explain difficult terminology or jargon or you can guide viewers through particularly challenging processes. You really shouldn’t look at it as giving away your secrets for free but instead you’re investing in your industry status, which leads to higher exposure, a greater level of trust and a brand synonymous with your profession – something that is very hard to buy.

Take B&Q for example, the large retailer of home improvement goods. Many people may just see them as a giant warehouse full of ‘stuff’ but the company’s online video presence begs to differ. Instead, B&Q set out to prove they’re not just retailers but experts in the home improvement environment – hopefully encouraging you to see their staff in a different light AND if you consume enough of their content, you begin to consider B&Q as more than just a retailer, but as a source of information, expertise and professionalism.



A similar approach when feeding the inquisitive appetites of your target market, is demonstrated by Pokerstars.com. To many, they are just a website that facilitates online poker and as such are likely to just be found through basic web search. However, Pokerstars know their target audience is hungry for information on how to improve their game, so they attract them by providing high-quality and valuable information through video. They could use a company presenter in the case of B&Q, but instead they use celebrated players which not only validates the information but also reflects well on Pokerstars as a legitimate and professional platform.



The video above stars Daniel Negreanu, a celebrated Poker champion and a notable authority on playing poker. It’s authorities such as Negreanu that lend credence to the brand who support and work with them. Negreanu’s status in the Poker world is likely to attract and resonate with confident players, those who want to improve their game ahead of trips to Vegas, or taking up Poker seriously. Whatever the motivations of the viewer, it’s possible that Pokerstars’ brand will become intrinsically linked with their development – as they consume more of their content.

If you plan to implement this type of video strategy and wish to establish yourself as an expert then there is a very important caveat. You must be prolific, and consistent. Shooting just one or two videos is not enough, you need a large library of content that addresses a wealth of topics and themes. Thankfully, you can keep these videos simple, and spend a day simply filming content that should equate to a good 20 or so mini-lectures. If you script these in advance and have access to an iPad autocue then these lectures can be shot, edited and uploaded relatively quickly.

Remember, you need as many people to see these as possible so active dissemination through social media and a strong presence on YouTube is vital. If you hide them away on your website then only your visitors will stumble upon them. Brand them up and release them in to the wild.

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