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HUVr | Hover Board Stunt

Back to the Future has excited the imagination of generations with its inspired vision of future tech, and it almost seemed that 2014 would be the year it all happened. This year Nike announced that automatic laces would be hitting shelves in 2015 and then, just two days ago, a hitherto unknown brand, HUVr, released their promotional video for the world’s first hoverboard.

Belief, as the video is titled, is a public demonstration promo for the first working products of the HUVr range and no expense is spared to sell the illusion. Belief includes testimony from Christopher Lloyd and Billy Zane (both Back to the Future stars) as well as musicians, athletes and Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk, a great line-up certainly but it’s a damn shame it’s all a lie.

While I would love to be corrected, savvy viewers have picked up a number of tell-tale signs of deception. Evidence of rotoscoping, matte-painting and motion tracking are evident for the eagle-eyed, while occasional crane shadows and the more obvious bulges and padded shoulders that indicate harnesses are more obvious.

HUVr Hover Board Stunt


There’s still a little speculation as to the purpose of the hoax, with fingers pointed towards a possible new movie, promotion for the musical, *sigh* Jimmy Kimmel or even a new Tony Hawk video game. However, the purpose may be less commercial than that – CNET have discovered that on the portfolio site of Lauren Biedenharn, a costume designer and an artist based in Los Angeles where the video was shot, the most recent line of her resume reads, “Commercial: Back to the Future HUVr BOARDS.” Her employer and the producer of said commercial: comedy video Web site Funny Or Die.

Bastards. That said, kudos for a well executed and good-looking viral and thanks for letting us dream for a another minute more.


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