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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer

Well, there’s building hype and then there’s releasing a trailer for a trailer…

However, It’s lucky I’m super-biased in this instance and totally blinded to this rather pointless exercise. I’m happy to admit it, I was psyched.

Anyway, as promised by those good folks at Marvel, the Iron Man 3 official trailer hit the internetz today, and thankfully, it seems to offer the promise of washing away the sins of Iron Man 2 with a more emotional and introspective narrative. Basing this all on the visible destruction of Stark’s personal life and his Iron Man projects, hopefully Iron Man 3 will actually be an evolution of the character and not just a replication of what has gone before.

Unfortunately, this first trailer leaves no room for Stark’s trademark witticisms which has always been a major draw for me, but I know that will come later. For now we catch a glimpse of the big bad, a terrifying transformation of Sir Ben Kinglsey’s Mandarin (albeit looking a little 80’s Sci-Fi), some pretty awesome action and a few teasers that allow room for speculation around the different suits we see.

If you have any thoughts on the Iron Man 3 official trailer, let us know below!

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