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Jump Man – 5 year time-lapse music video

Human time-lapse videos are nothing new, and while only a few exist due to the foresight and commitment required, they are pretty much the same. Enter Mike, and Jump Man. Mike, has done the whole routine, a picture a day for 5 years, a fast-forward representation of his life. However, with some extra planning, Mike’s photo montage has become a music video, and dips carefully in to stop-motion animation techniques to introduce a little well-choreographed animation to the series. Set to Jump Man by Buckethead (a song that was picked from the start and was the inspiration for the video) the montage transcends the usual social experiment and becomes worthy of art…in a loose sense.

Still, it’s great to see the evolution of established viral formats and it just makes one wonder what creative adaptations are being produced across the globe right now but won’t be launched for years to come…

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