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Kickstarting VGHS Season 2

After months of speculation, it seems Video Game High School….too long, VGHS Season 2 may become a reality. Having rewritten the rulebook for independently-produced online entertainment, and a successful first season, the standout web mini-series from Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch is seeking funding to get production rolling on the follow-up season.

Once again, the pair are using Kickstarter as their primary funding platform (as well as seeking independent finance elsewhere) but this time asking for a staggering $636,010 (£400,000), almost nine times the previous target for the debut series. The reason for such an odd figure? As Freddie tells us in the pledge video, $636,010 is the exact cost of VGHS season 1!

VGHS Season 2


What can we expect from VGHS Season 2?

Bigger and better. These are words Freddie consistently uses to describe the next season of VGHS, and of course it will be. Having formed a solid foundation for their fictional world, the second season will look to expand upon it, tackling other schools and developing the league in to a full national (if not, global) competition while continuing to grow the personal stories of the characters we already love.

Making things bigger though requires a change in the structure, and as Freddie reveals in the pledge video, and writer Matthew Arnold blogged about in October of last year, Video Game High School Season 2 will undergo a restructure in terms of its programming length;

VGHS Season Two will be six episodes long. However, each episode will be TV length and probably slightly longer due to our action scenes. We are talking 22-25 minutes long, meaning the season as a whole will be longer than season one.

On the VGHS Kickstarter page, a little insight is given as to the narrative of season 2. Though this is yet to be confirmed…

After a shocking scandal puts The Law in handcuffs and VGHS’s reputation on the line, it’s up to Brian D and Jenny Matrix to take the embattled FPS team to victory and redemption. Vehicles will explode and hearts will break as Brian and Jenny battle the toughest gamer schools in the world– all while dealing with the team’s new coach: Mary Matrix, Jenny’s win-at-all-costs mother.

So, that looks like Brian Firenzi may be out for the majority of the season which is a shame, but hopefully sparks will fly between Jenny and Mary Matrix. The latter who leads The Denver Commandos, a professional FPS Team which can only mean some seriously badass family issues.

Join the class

So, if you’re as excited about VGHS Season 2 as we are, you can help make it happen. Head over to their Kickstarter page for more information on the series, and donate to help the cause.



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