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Lady Gaga “Fame” The Fragrance

It seems unfortunate to me that Lady Gaga, the eccentric maverick and nonconformist, has supplemented her impressive musical career with the completely pointless turn in the perfume industry, like so many celebrities before her. A bit of black dye is all that stands between her product, Fame, and the mundane mass of bottled celebrity juices. Where the product excels is in its marketing, though before we start congratulating the creative team on a job well done, it will of course be an incredibly familiar style to anyone who has already seen a Lady Gaga music video, basically, it’s bat-shit crazy.

I’d like to say this sort of style has no place in advertising, but personally, I love the abstract and random nature of the production. Objectively, it does sod all to sell the product, but instead heavily enforces the Gaga ‘brand’ which for many consumers will be enough. So, writhing about in tar-like oil, with shattering glass eyes and tiny men crawling over your naked body is a novel approach to selling a product, but is unlikely to catch on. However, in this crowded and diabolically unimaginative marketing space, it’s a refreshing change.

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