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Looper Animated Trailer

Apologies for the ever spiralling delay in posts here on Retina Burn, the blog is currently undergoing a full redesign and I’m in the finicky place where I’m gearing up for the relaunch and spending more time on the new material than current updates. Foolish indeed.

Anyway, here is some new eye candy for the much-anticipated Sci-fi film, Looper, immanently released this Friday. The movie, starring Bruce Willis & Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has rehashed their already existing trailers to create a fancy, new animated version. Comprised of scenes we’re already familiar with, the trailer is presented in a mix of scratchy illustration, delicate watercolour and pastels to create a truly dazzling teaser.

Omitting the dialogue from the trailer, the video is intended more as an artistic extension of the movie’s marketing rather than converting new fans, what are your thoughts on this interesting approach?


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