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Mercedes | Escape the map

This awesome video kick-starts the Escape the Map campaign from Mercedes. Best viewed on the microsite, the video propels the viewer in to an interactive campaign, challenging you to help our protagonist find an exit from the bizarre landscape in which the video is based. The world is inspired by, and references the Google Street view layout, complete with blurred faces, fragmented time-zones and a constantly refreshing landscape.

The video is produced by Digital Domain, and Director Carl Rinsch. The following is an extract taken from the press release on the campaign:


Digital Domain Visual Effects Supervisor Jay Barton, who is currently working with Rinsch on his upcoming feature for Universal Pictures, “47 Ronin,” led the team. His idea was to use photogrammetry — a technique in which measurements are taken from photographs to create real-world objects — to create the world. All of the live action was shot in Hong Kong, with Barton scouting and shooting iconic locations which were later used in the world-building. Additional green-screen shoots were staged in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

“We first had to develop the visual language of the world,” Barton said. “We took inspiration from Google Street view and replicated that, but in moving video. As photos are stitched together, they sometimes seam strangely. They might not line up, or two buildings might occupy the same space, or people get cut in half. We played a lot with how images would load or resolve, or react when a whole new set of photos came in to reset the world. Here, when you explore you have more options and more viewpoints. You can decide where to look, walk, or drive and your perspective and resolution update accordingly.”

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