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Microsoft Surface

I’ve never credited Microsoft with producing particularly creative or interesting commercials, and after the cringeworthy Microsoft Windows 7 Party series, I think my stance was justified. Apple however, that other company, has always created elegant and sublime whitewashed ads of beauty and simplicity – the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the Microsoft.

Suddenly from left-field, Microsoft have launched this classy little number for their new Surface tablets and all I can say is…it’s distinctly un-Microsoft, it’s actually…cool? The production values have been kicked way up, along with the sharp and shiny digital aesthetic that always seem to be missing from the heart of the Microsoft ads (and yes, perhaps only popularised by Apple). Nevertheless, this latest video is beautiful. Interestingly, it stills feels like the antithesis of an Apple promotion, the colour range is dark and moody, and the sharp blacks are a stark contrast to the sterile white of Apple but the digital and mechanical nature of the product has finally been visualised in a hard and edgy way. No fluff, and definitely no Windows 7 Party. 

This video is a sublime compliment to the refreshed Windows logo, eschewing the bright colour palette and smooth curves, it has a bite and sleekness to it that may help usher in a new era for the brand.

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