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Monster Roll

Monster Roll by Dan Blank is a supremely awesome concept-trailer for a short film that pits a band of Sushi chefs against sea monsters. It’s one of those annoyingly brilliant ‘why didn’t I think of that!’ concepts, although as a big monster-movie fan…maybe that’s just me.

With the hope of launching a Kickstarter very soon, this trailer for Monster Roll is testament to the creative and technical skill of the filmmakers, showcasing some amazing (though a little rough around the edges) CGI and assuring us that the film is imbued with the delicate dark comedy of the genre’s B-movie heritage. I, for one, would dearly love to see this made and while there are no chances yet to crowdfund the project, stick around on their Facebook page for news of their progression.

If you simply have to have more, then check out their making-of for more insight in to this very cool project.

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