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Move On – The Full Movie

A T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) ident is perhaps the last thing you’d expect during the opening credits of Move On, a full-length feature film, but then again, Move On is not your average flick. Instead, this feature film is the end result of an ambitious undertaking by telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom to go beyond the short advertainment pieces created online by other brands, and truly deliver an immersive and high-quality entertainment product to the internet masses.

Starring Mads Mikkelsen, and directed by Asger Leth (Man on a Ledge), the film encouraged regular viewers of its YouTube trailers and teasers to apply for further cast and crew positions via the specialised website. Once completed and ready for broadcast, Move On was released online in eight episodes, corresponding to the eight countries across which the action travels. Speaking of action, here’s a brief synopsis:

Move On is the story of a flawed hero and his journey throughout eight different countries in Europe. After stepping off a boat in Rotterdam he receives a mysterious silver suitcase. Delivering it from north to south is going to be his very last job, he assures. But what sounds like a simple transportation happens to become a thrilling chase with a secret counterpart and his own past.

He doesn’t know what is inside the case, but his chasers seem to, and they are willing to do everything to take it from him. On this action-packed odyssey borders between friends and enemies seem to disappear. Not knowing whom to trust and whom to fear he starts a romance with a young woman he meets on his way. But is she really just the charming pick-up she seems to be or is she after the case, too?

Now, a brand-backed production, and an online casting process, tell me you’re not curious? While we have the trailer at the top of the page for your viewing pleasure, we’re pleased to announce that we also have the entire movie here for you to watch. Sure, you’re going to need 100 minutes, but if you’re not keen on the final instalment of Twilight, or perhaps Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger doesn’t rock your socks, then have a watch of Move On, and when you do, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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