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Kickass music for YouTube videos

Securing music for YouTube videos is a tricky issue, the importance of which is often overlooked. If you want to be professional YouTube video creator then your video needs more than just great visual content. You must connect with the audience and offer a fuller experience to your viewers. One way of doing this is to make sure you’re packing a awesome soundtrack that not only fits the style of your video, but evokes an emotional response from viewers, excitement, intrigue, sadness or joy.


Finding music for YouTube videos

Over the years of producing videos, I’ve come to reply on two platforms that offer an amazing choice of music for YouTube videos. My chosen allies are The Music Case & Shockwave Sounds. Now while there is a lot of free music online, and a few nefarious means by which to secure music tracks. I always use music from these sources because not only does it sound professional but it also means your YouTube video won’t be flagged as using pirated tracks, risking penalisation or removal.

Spend a little on getting a kickass track for your YouTube video and be safe, and professional.


Music for YouTube videos

The Music Case

The Music Case is my go-to resource if I’m looking for tracks that sound like commercial, mainstream rock and pop tracks. Many of the soundtracks feature vocals and a song structure similar to those you hear on the radio. Sometimes this works for corporate video projects but if you’re looking for a more subtle music video then Shockwave Sounds may be the site for you.



Shockwave Sounds Rpyalty-free music for YouTube videos


Shockwave Sounds

Shockwave Sounds is no doubt the bigger library for royalty free music, sounds effects and music beds, but it seems to me that it is more geared towards corporate productions. The tracks can be a little more unimaginative, but with such a massive range it’s almost impossible to not find a track suitable for your production.


There are many more resources out there but after many years, I’ve found this combination to be the best. Hopefully, you’ll find your perfect music for YouTube videos and create a stunning production. If you think any other platforms deserve a mention then let us know in the comments below!

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