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Musical Corner Shop | Red Stripe

At Retina Burn, we simply love a clever, uplifting public stunt video. It’s one of those rare occasions where viewers can witness genuine happiness and joy as a result of a company’s marketing efforts. There’s perhaps no better brand for this type of video than Coca Cola and their global Happiness mission, however, there is plenty of room for others.

Red Stripe lager have put together their own public stunt, and have created an amusing and fun campaign that despite the (relatively ) low view count, is a perfect example of a well-executed marketing experience. The premise is simple, by ‘hacking’ regular items in an unassuming London corner shop, the unaware customer who reaches for a bottle of Red Stripe triggers a hidden orchestra that performs a version of Rudy, A Message to You by Jamaican musician Dandy Livingstone, and later made famous by The Specials.

Juice bottles, cleaning equipment, tins and packets all come alive to perform this musical rendition to the surprise and awe of the shoppers. This clever little stunt is also backed-up with an engaging ‘making-of’ video that shows the intricacies of the performance. Give it a watch here.

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