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Nokia Lumia & deadmau5 create epic 4D projection

It was around the start of this year that large scale projection mapping stunts became insanely popular, and every week there was a new ‘viral’ hit that showcased some sort of brand-sponsored projection.

Some were good, some were downright mind-blowing and then there were those that were mediocre at best. I have to admit, even at their worst I enjoyed the videos, just contemplating the amount of effort that went in to the stunt behind the scenes. Even if the animation wasn’t particularly great, the amount of effort exerted was truly commendable. It has however been a long while since I saw a truly great projection, until today.

As usual the stunt has been commercially branded, this time by Nokia who are pushing their new Lumia mobile phone. However, to add an extra dimension to the experience, Nokia have teamed up with deadmau5 to provide a live, techno backdrop to the show. The canvas this time is Millbank Tower, London, which provides a change to the usual ‘landscape’ buildings often used.

The results are amazing, and whilst it’s still not the best example of animation (Hot Wheels has that distinction) the whole experience, and yes, the amount of effort to pull it off is enough to add this to the league of truly awesome projection mappings.


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