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Welcome to Retina Burn, an online video marketing blog for brands, agencies, businesses and those, like us, who love online video.

For the past year Retina Burn has been collating and promoting the best online videos and video marketing campaigns the web has to offer, providing reviews and analysis of creative content, popular trends and innovative ideas. Now, we will be launching an entire section dedicated to online video marketing for business. While Retina Burn is primarily a platform for commentary, Retina Burn founder Ryan Stone, has been successfully running a video production and marketing company for the best part of 5 years, helping businesses to create and implement their video marketing strategies online.

This series will be the culmination of those years of practical production, marketing experience and academic insight to help businesses and individuals make an impact with their video marketing efforts. Look out for Retina Burn to become the online video marketing blog.

Below is the table of contents for the series and titles will be linked up upon completion. If you have any questions then please visit our contact page.



Introduction to Online Video Marketing

What is Online Video Marketing?

The benefits of Video Marketing?


Video Marketing Formats

What is a Promotional Video?

What is a Corporate Video?

What is a Viral Video?

What is a Video Testimonial?

What is an Educational Video?


Video Marketing & the Sales Funnel

The Video Marketing Funnel


Video Marketing & YouTube

Optimise your video for YouTube in 6 easy steps

How to link to your website from your YouTube videos



Getting exposure for your video

Tips on creating a viral video (from those who have done it)


How to go viral using social video



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