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Online Video Marketing. What is it?

Online Video Marketing is often seen as the evolution and successor to TV advertising, but not so, they are entirely different beasts. Many brands think they have an ‘online video marketing strategy’ when they repurpose their TV commercials and gaily send them out to YouTube with a big grin and claps on the back all round. Advertising + the internet, that’s online video marketing right?

Not at all.

A world gone topsy-turvy

The online sphere is a world in reverse for marketeers, who are used to buying space or time and thrusting their marketing messages at a largely captive audience, TV advertising being the most relevant example for this post. Online however, users graze content, habitually click away at the sight of an ad and over the years have become conditioned to ignore pop-ups, banner, sidebar videos and close pre-roll advertising. With the viewers now empowered, marketeers and brands must now encourage viewers to spend time watching their content, and to ensure success, must reward them for having done so, either with an emotional, or commercial payoff.

Hard sells no longer work so to ensnare curious viewers and potential consumers, brands must deliver a new kind of advertising. Advertising with heart, emotion and substance that adds to our otherwise clinical online experience. If a brand’s video can resonate with its viewer, then it has a captive audience willing to tolerate a little promotion in order to enjoy the entertainment.


Brand comes second

Video marketing demands that the promotion of the brand must defer to the enjoyment of the viewer. This now means that the traditional methods of branding and selling promotional material have to change, and it its place we are fortunate that immense creativity and imagination has taken its place…for some brands anyway. Nowadays, it is common place to watch a video that has absolutely nothing to do with the brand message or product being sold. One of the first unintentional virals, and early indicator of the potential of online video marketing was Cadbury’s Gorilla which left viewers confused…but delighted, and who then shared and promoted the video of their own volition.

There’s plenty more to talk about online video marketing, and you’ll find plenty of information in the pages of Retina Burn. We’ll keep this page updated over time and include some statistics for the year ended 2012 when they’re released.




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