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Oreo “Cookie or Creme?”

Oreo, the world’s most awesome biscuit (personal opinion ok!) are running a campaign that seeks to prompt fan engagement by posing a conundrum, Cookie or Creme? According to Oreo, the human population is riven when it comes to sweet, snack-based delectables, possessed by a preference for either the cookie or the creme.

Based on this concept, Oreo have produced a number of pseudo-documentaries portraying characters who go to worrying lengths in order to separate the Oreo, in pursuit of their choice. The first of these videos introduces physicist David Neevel who has constructed a Rude Goldberg machine to manage the burden of cookie separation.

Unfortunately the idea of posing a ‘fan argument’, especially in the food industry is nothing new but Oreo have produced content that is imbued with the right humour for online consumption. We still have more videos to come from the cookie manufacturer, so keep an eye out on the Oreo YouTube channel.

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