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Screengrab - Willie Witte

SCREENGRAB from Willie Witte is an awesome little piece of experimental filmmaking. Produced as a simple black and white sequence, each frame ends as a physical printout of itself, before transitioning in to a new one. Simple yes, but the dexterity of Witte’s imagination allows a sort of interplay and interactivity ... Read More »

LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game

LEGO Breaking Bad Video Game

Brian Anderson’s debut YouTube production is nothing short of bed-wettingly awesome, LEGO Breaking Bad – the video game. It of course only a parody of a teaser, the cruelest of the cruel to us fans basically, but it remains an amazing piece of creative animation, with just the right references ... Read More »

A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom

A Boy And His Atom is the world’s smallest film, making the previous record holder from Nokia seem giant in comparison. The short film from tech giants IBM combine science, technology and the latest filmmaking techniques to create the world’s smallest movie by using the smallest particles of any element ... Read More »


PSY Gentleman viral music video

Gentleman, PSY’s follow-up to his massive global hit Gangnam Style has landed, and two days in, it’s already proving a worthy successor to the colourful, equestrian mind-f*ck. With over 60 million views already, Gentleman is capitalising on Gangnam Style’s legacy, though this was always going to be the case. Personally, the song lacks the ... Read More »

“Bless You” Animation

Bless You Animation

Bless You is a crazy-fun little animation from Philip Watts, a cartoonist and animator who has combined his passions to produce his own short films. Bless You is his short animation about an celestial architect who tires of his creation and decides to wreak a little havoc with the aid of ... Read More »

How Animals Eat Their Food

how animals eat their food viral video

This awesome little homemade clip, How Animals Eat Their Food has totally won the internet. Racking up over 14 millions views in only 4 days, this has to be one of the most impressive viral releases ever in recent memory, simply based on its simple ingenuity and production values. YouTuber ... Read More »

Samsung “King of TV City”

King of Tv City Samsung

Dinosaurs, Alien Invaders and a sentient teddybear on a tricycle all come together for the new Samsung SMART TV advert, King of TV City. While the production values are astounding, the premise is beginning to wear a little thin as streaming platforms, 3D channels and Blu-ray players are clambering over themselves ... Read More »

In The House

In The House Movie Review

In The House is a great film betrayed by its trailer. In an attempt to convey a more conventional and safe narrative, the trailer twists the plot out of shape with misleading edits, seemingly unable to articulate the bold yet complex story of the film. In The House should be ... Read More »

Celebrating Twitter

Celebrating Twitter

Despite the ubiquitous nature of these massive social platforms, it’s still easy to forget the role they’ve played in global events or the way they’ve shaped our digital landscape. However, 7 years on Twitter is here to remind us of all they’ve achieved in a simple video animation, Celebrating Twitter. ... Read More »

Warde “Home is a quest”

Warde Home is a quest

FNQ2FS62NH4D Home is a quest is a beautiful animated spot for Eastern fabric retailer Warde, produced by Onesize, their first foray in to character animation. The piece explores a beautiful world of colourful and rich fabrics, and a myriad of birds and beasts likewise made from soft fabrics and cloth. The ... Read More »