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Biting Elbows “Bad Mother******”

Biting Elbows Bad Motherfucker

A minute or so in, I had largely written off theBad Mother******video as a pretty standard FPS-style video, the likes of which are commonplace on YouTube. However, as it progressed, the subtleties of the new, Tarantino-esque music video from Biting Elbows became apparent. The sheer skill and effort in pulling ... Read More »

Prop Wars

SneakyZebra Prop Wars

The guys from YouTube channel, SneakyZebra have published Prop Wars,  a fun pastiche of recognisable film and television weaponry that is bought to life in a real fight-to-the-death…in a quiet English back garden. Featuring excellent VFX work, the team have resurrected the Light Saber, Thor’s Hammer and Tolkien’s Ring among others.   Read More »

Walk off the Earth “Red Hands”

Walk off the Earth Red Hands

The Indie-Folk band, Walk Off the Earth are giving viral maestros OK GO a run for their money when it comes to creating viral music videos. Establishing themselves in the online video world with their hugely successful cover of Gotye’s Somebody I used to know, the song was performed jointly by all 5 band ... Read More »

Joss Whedon “Much Ado About Nothing”

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing

This version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is a playful project from the King among geeks (and most mortals if we’re to be honest) Joss Whedon. Following the production and subsequent success of The Avengers, one might have excused the man for taking a well-earned victory break. That was certainly on ... Read More »

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon

The insanely vibrant and entirely bizarre trailer for Doomed was one of our favourite videos to have been uploaded to the blog last year. Even as a standalone product, the Doomed trailer was just fantastically enjoyable and thankfully hinted at a longer production to come. Many months later and our wildest, ... Read More »

Three “The Pony”

Three The Pony DancePonyDance viral video

Telecoms provider Three have scored a direct hit in the viral arena with The Pony, featuring Socks, a loveable Shetland Pony who moonwalks to the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere.  Created by MPC, Wieden+Kennedy and Dougal Wilson and centered around the strap line, Silly Stuff. It Matters, The Pony was orchestrated for viral fame. With ... Read More »

Dove “Thought before action”

Thought Before Action from Dove

Dove have long been fighting the good fight when it comes to realistic representations of female beauty, having made headlines 12 years ago when they first launched their Real Beauty campaign. For years Dove have reflected the absurdity and falsity of the beauty industry through their innovative campaign, but until ... Read More »

Oreo “Cookie or Creme?”

Oreo Cookie or Creme branded video

Oreo, the world’s most awesome biscuit (personal opinion ok!) are running a campaign that seeks to prompt fan engagement by posing a conundrum, Cookie or Creme? According to Oreo, the human population is riven when it comes to sweet, snack-based delectables, possessed by a preference for either the cookie or the creme. ... Read More »


Bullhead, the dark and unsettling directorial debut from Michaël R. Roskam simmers with a vicious intensity, eerily reminiscent of early Scorsese, and receiving only a cursory nod at the Academy Awards, Bullhead serves as a reminder as to just how gutless its cinematic contemporaries are. A sweeping generalisation of course, but the uncomfortable juxtaposition between the ... Read More »