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PES “Het Klokhuis”

Talented animator, PES is finally back with another astounding wonderful stop-motion animation for Het Klokhuis, an educational TV show in the Netherlands. The sequence, Het Klokhuis, was commissioned for the title sequence of the show which itself has been running since 1998.

We’ve been long time fans of PES, ever since we came across Western Spaghetti over 4 years ago. A long-term commitment to the talented director is necessary however, as PES (aka Adam Pesapane) is not what you’d call a prolific artist. His personal style hinges on beautifully seamless stop-motion animation, that requires dedication and infinite patience to emerge.

His last short, Fresh Guacamole was featured on the cable channel, ShowTime as part of their short stories initiative, and also has the distinguished honour of being the shortest animated film ever to be nominated for an Academy Award. Currently, PES is said to be working on his first feature film endeavour, a project based on the Garbage Pail Kids franchise.

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