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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

Remember the awesome Playstation online video Michael? (Fun fact: It was the first ever post on this blog) Well, Playstation have repurposed that universe to promote their upcoming multi-brand battle royale, Playstation All-Stars.

The game which is a the Playstation’s answer to Nintendo’s highly addictive Super Smash Bros allows you to take control of some of Sony’s most iconic characters in a fight to the death. The live-action video commercial gives you just a snippet of the action to be had with Nick Drake, Cole McGrath, Sack Boy and Kratos mixing it up in a blistering fist fight, before handing the reigns back to the ‘everyman’ player that gave the Michael video such a nice touch.

Playstation also put a little thought in to the release, with a number of  shortened versions of the video periodically released, teasing fans and building hype before the fanfare of the full length production. It’s a nice touch that keeps fans returning, engaging and salivating with anticipation.

With some nice visual effects and brilliantly cast lookalikes, it’s a great introduction to the upcoming game.

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