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R´ha sci-fi short film

R´ha is a short, sci-fi film from Kaleb Lechowski, a 22 year old German film student who has created nothing short of a VFX masterpiece, on zero budget. It’s evident that the next generation of filmmakers will come from YouTube and Vimeo and whose small-scale experiments find an appreciative audience online.

With cheaper access to software, and even illegal alternatives, the online video world is flush with new talent who have an array of tools and expertise at their fingertips on a daily basis, and R´ha is just one example of what can be achieved.

The story is simple, pivoting around a single interrogation scene between an uprising machine and its sentient captive, but hints at a wider story and Universe beyond. Lechowski has his supporters following his impressive debut, and is currently in LA, preparing to pitch a full-length version of the story that retains its low-cost processes.

While the models were created in Blender, the animation, rigging, shading and rendering was completed in Maya and polished off in Nuke & After Effects, bringing to a close Lechowski’s 7-month project. All that can be said is keep an eye out for this young filmmaker in the years to come.

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